Family in The Kite Runner

Welcome to my Kite Runner Wiki! My name is Allison and I am going to be connecting family to my life, to The Kite Runner, and to our society today (in 2009). I am going to be answering the following questions using supporting ideas from my life, The Kite Runner, and our society:
-What is family?
-What do we owe our family members?
-What happens when family changes? (birth, death, marriage)
But before I answer all of these questions, I would like to clarify the definition of family. To me, family is anyone and everyone who cares for you and supports you in everything you do and loves you unconditionally no matter what may happen, which is different than friendship, which is a valued relationship with your peers that may come and go. The real difference between the two is that family is always there for you, while friends are there when it's convenient for the people in the friendship.